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Tuesday, November 14, 2017


The German Theoretical High School was founded in 1997. The school is destined for the German minority and all those who want to study in German and to know the German civilization and culture. The school attracts students from the county and the North-West of Romania. Due to this our students are from different  ethnics and confessions.
In the school learn more than 900 students, aged 6-19, under the guidance of 60 teachers. The high school students can choose from different fields of study: mathematics-informatics bilingual English, mathematics-informatics and philology. The second foreign language is Italian.
Since 1999 the students have had the possibility to take the DSD C1/B2 exam and the Cambridge exam and this project will help them to  practice foreign languages. The informatics graduates get a certificate that attest their IT knowledge and all students have the chance to take the ECDL exam too.
The number of students, contrary to demographic tendencies, has been continually increasing, thanks to the results our school has achieved in recent years. Even if the school is relatively young, it has traditions that are celebrated annually, like the Christmas Bazar, the Carnival, Doors Open Day, the Science Fair. The school also offers a series of extracurricular activities that our students can indulge in, like the choir, the German traditional dance group, the German and a Romanian theater group,  the editorial department of the bilingual Children’s Universe/Kinderwelt, the school radio, the Science Magazine. In addition to these activities, our students also participate in numerous projects and national and international contests. Our volunteers are collaborating with the "Caritas" Organisation and with the orphanage "Casa Maria" where they help the integration of the disabled children.

The school is located in a multicultural city with three ethnicities, Romanian, Hungarian and German, it is very close to the Hungarian and Ukrainian border. The school is an open space of multiculturalism, the subjects are taught in  the German language (as mother tongue), for the high school students we have bilingual classes with English. In addition to German and English, the students learn Italian as second foreign language after English. It is a common thing that most of our students speak very well 3-4 languages.  In our school we have Romanian, German and Hungarian students, therefore our students have very different backgrounds in terms of language, family, religion, social habits and lifestyle. It is one of the main goals of the school to educate young people in the spirit of respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms, in the spirit of dignity and tolerance.

This project is a good possibility for us to have an exchange of experiences and good practices in the field of languages, students will have the chance to develop their foreign language competences not only in English, but in the languages of the partners too, an opportunity to get to know different cultures directly, to make contact with people with different lifestyles and education, to learn to be tolerant and accept the differences around them. It will be also an opportunity to present our region, its history, beauty, UNESCO heritage to our partners.


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