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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

We are equal, we are humans

Please, watch the video and answer the questions below:

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1- Name three famous people who are LGTB.
2- Do you think that LGTB people are treated with respect or is there still discrimination against them?.
3- Do you agree with homosexual marriage? Why?
4- Do you think that it is necessary to defend the rights of LGTB people nowadays?

(Activity by Ananda Manjón, Alberto Miranda and Claudia Guillén)


  1. Welldone!!! I would like to know the final report. Thanks!

  2. 1. Ellen DeGeneres, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato among others...

    2. I think that in some countries, the most of them are underdeveloped, still are discrimination against the LGBT people, like in China, where the TV censored two performances one of them was the Ireland's one because there were two male dancers interpreting a romance, but the most obvious case is the United Stated where their actual president is against the LGBT people

    3. Of course I do, for me that question is like if you ask me if I agree with heterosexual marriage, if someone is happy with a person of the same gender, why prevent it? I do not care as long as they are happy, and if I disagree I could not get married, so from my point of view is obvious that I agree

    4. Yes, nowadays there are young people that think that the LGBT people aren't "straight", they bully them or even they kill them, there are only 25 countries that allow the homosexual marriage and 13 that kill the LGBT people, fortunately in Spain homosexual marriage is allowed but there are still people that hates them so to sum up, I think that it is necessary to defend the rights of LGTB people

    Antonio José Rodríguez Barba 2BC

  3. 1- Three famous people who are LGTB are, for example: Jesús Vázquez, Aida Domenech and Miley Cyrus.

    2-I think, in general, LGTB people are not treated with the respect that they deserve, and in some places, they are excluded from the rest. However, it is true that in some countries there are more discrimination than in others. For example, Spain is one of the countries with the least discrimination about this topic. Also, in my opinion, I think that with the pass of the years, LGTB people are going to be more accepted and they will have the same rights as the rest of the society.

    3-Of course I agree with the homosexual marriage because I think that the sexual orientation of a person does not determine his rights so, people who are against of this type of marriage I think they are ignorants, perhaps because they have not had a good education. Coming back to the first answer, the respect of LGTB persons depends of the level of education that you have had.

    4- Nowadays, I think is very important to defend the rights of LGTB people because we are in a process of change and we should obtain an equality in this aspect. In my opinion, the first thing we have to do is change the mind of the young society, because they have a lot of wrong thoughts about people who they aren't used to know. Finally, all of us should contribute and be conscious that LGTB people are like us.

  4. 1. I don’t know many famous LGTB people, but for example: Jesus Vazquez, Tchaikovsky, Ricky Martin...

    2. I think that today homosexual discrimination is very present in our society. Fortunately, Spain is an advanced country and defends the rights of LGBT people. But in other countries like Russia the situation is different and homosexual relations are considered illegal.

    3.In my opinion, marriage is a sign of engagement and love to a person, independently of their sexual orientation. I agree.

    4.In my opinion, it’s something natural that should be normalized in our society, but due to the injustice and discrimination of their rights of them this doesn’t happen. I think we should defend the rights of people.

  5. 1 Miley Cyrus, Jorge Javier Vázquez and Demi Lovato.

    2 I think that nowadays there are more people that not discriminate LGTB people. But there is still people that deacriminate them. Normally it happens in countries that are not developed and their thoughts are undeveloped too.

    3. Of course I completely agree. Because all people are equal and each one can fall in love with anyone he or she wants. Marriage is made between a couple that one loves the other, it isn't depends if they are a men, a woman o what else.

    4. Nowadays, I think that is too much important to defend their rights because there are countries where they are killed or things like that. Fortunately, here in Spain, they are defended and there are days for them and manifestation to concienciate other people.
    Alejandro Galisteo 2BC.

  6. 1. Three famous people who are LGTB are Dulceida, Jorge Javier Vázquez and Aless Gibaja.

    2.I think that LGTB people continued to be discriminated against for the population nowadays especially for the elderly that they aren't open minds to this topics. This cases can passed in high school, in the family, etc.

    3.Yes, because everybody have the rights to marry with who they want and independent that they are man or woman, also I think that this differences of rights shouldn't exist.

    4. Yes, because nowadays many people continued discriminated against LGTB people and I think that this shouldn't be this way as it isn't exist any reason to discriminated against this people, everybody are the same, so that always we must fight for this rights.