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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Let's talk about migration

Dealing with the topic of immigration, these are the activities we will be carrying out:

1. We'll have a discussion about the topic with help of the cards below.

2. In international teams, make up a rap. Be sure to include the ideas and thoughts shared in class.
3. As we'd like you to empathize with immigrants to your country, imagine that you and your family  have to leave your country for good and write a brief composition about it.

(Reasons for leaving, where you are going to live, how you are feeling, what you will miss about your country, your expectations about the new place, how you would like to be treated, what you will do over there ...)

Please, leave your writing in the comments!

4. Search the internet for famous quotations about positive immigration, write them on a piece of coloured card and pin them to the UniDiversity board.


  1. I am going to talk about my emigration to malaga.
    I am italian.
    My mother met my African father in Italy, he had just arrived to look for work there.
    Then they had me, and I spent four years of my life living there.
    My mother worked as a nurse, but for different reasons my father could not find a stable job.
    Then, when I was two years old, they had my brother, and that's when they realized that only with the work of my mother as a nurse would the four of us not be able to live.
    And then my father found a job in Malaga. In principle, it was only he who came to Malaga, but after several months he realized that this work would be stable and it was when my brother, my mother and I came to live here.
    My family and I travel to Italy often to visit our family.
    I am very happy that they had to come to Malaga to live, because it is a city that I like very much and in which I would like to live all my life.
    From: Lidia Ferrer Pérez.

    1. Wow! What a surprise! I didn't know you were from Italy!
      Thanks Lidia!

  2. I am going to tell my story about why I emigrated to Spain. I am from Cuba, and there as you know there is a very hard dictatorship with which a middle class family can not live as it really needs. My parents wanted to form their family and to grow close to their own, in Havana but the constant revolutions and the bad conditions that there are did not compensate enough. They thought a lot about making this decision because it would mark us all forever. When they were five they decided that the best thing would be for my father and my older sister to come first to look for a job and then my brother, my mother and me. They decided to come to Malaga because they were clear that they wanted to be close to the sea but not to be on an island again. When we arrived we had to make new friends at school, to our surprise they welcomed us as if we had been here all our lives and that was the best thing. Even though we are far from our family, the people here treat us as if we were theirs. We are very happy to have come to malaga since our quality of life has improved markedly.
    By: Paula Pintos Ramirez.

  3. I'd like to tell you just a bit about my inmigration story. Since I was kid my parents have always changed job too often. It involves not to live in the same place for a long time. When I was ten years old, my parents moved from France to Great Britian just for work. It was when I realized that studying languages to understand foreign people is so important nowadays!!! at the age of eleven we moved to Italy. Just a good chance to learn more languages. Furthermore it was a period of my life that I enjoyed a lot. However, in spite of I didn't want to move from Italy because I was used to live there, my family had to move to The Netterlands because my mother found a better paid job. So, despite all the 'trips' we have had, now I want to travel to Sweeden just to improve my communication skills. Maybe when I finish, I will go to Australia just to work in a natural area.

  4. Unfortunately, after eighteen years living in Spain, I will have to leave my country, due to the fact that my parents have found a better paid job in France. Now, is hard for me to leave everything behind, but I think that this is a great opportunity for me in order to learn French, meet new people and learn more about this country; so I am sure that despite the sadness of leaving Spain, I will enjoy this opportunity.

    In addition, France has always been one of my favourite countries, I like almost everything from there, their gastronomy, their language, their landscapes and so on. Also, it will not be my first time there, as I had gone there on holidays and I have a light idea about how things work there. What is more, we are going to Paris, the capital of France, and I will have the opportunity to study chemistry there which is amazing because I have been told that the university there is a really good one.

    In conclusion, although I will miss Spain, it will not be so bad, because I will be living in a magnificent city and I could come back to Spain on holidays.

  5. Hello, I’m Barbara and I'm going to talk about my immigration.
    I was born is Island so I know perfectly how to speak English because it was my mother language. When I was thirteen my mother found a better job in Norway so we all moved there because of she.
    Norway always seemed to be a calm place for me with beautiful weather, people and landscapes so I didn't really care about it.
    When we arrived everything was awful... new friends, new house, new house, new life!!!! I just wanted stability!!! but it was okay because of my age. I had a lot of free time!!
    Then my sister and I decided to move to Finland because of the educational system; they say that it's the best of the world and now I’m living in Finland and my parents are far away from me and I hope everything were better, but life changes and so do I.

    Love, Barbs

  6. I write this letter in the hope that someone from outside will receive it, and then you'll hear that we're dying while they get rich.
    When I was a teenager, my country, Spain, started a war with another powerful country. Suddenly, my school, my house and even the nearest hospital had been destroyed by the bombs. I perfectly remenber the deafness caused by the explosion and my heart was about to burst each time that they bombed us. The day we had to escape from my neighbourhood, I lost my grandmother, she had a heart that didn't deserve to die among rubbles. I learnt in that moment that the war make you take decisions that you will never forget. Finally, in a way that I thought I would die, and I didn't mind if this happened because i was tired of walking without destination and no food, we arrived to the new world. They was supposed to help us, they was the image of the human rights. We arrived to the country that would save us. The rude soldiers guided us to the refugees camp. Nobody could talk Spanish, even my familiy was in an absolout silence during weeks, then none of us knew would happen with us, and we still without knowing it. A few weeks later, my younger brother die because of the famine. My parents already are not the same, I can see in them the image of the pain.
    Since the first day in the camp, I can not close my eyes, sleep is an impossible dream. I feel I can not trust in anybody after what I saw. Because of that, I have too much time to observe and think. And when I look around me and I see people getting sick and dying hopelessly, when I see volunteers crying and trying to help people who has been broken since the day that war started, I ask myself: where is the new world? Where are the promises and the human rights? I write this letter to the liers, to the people who started the war, to the people who killed my grandmother and my younger brother, to the people who stole my future.
    Signed:the girl who you stole the childhood from

    1. Brilliant Claudia!! Reaching the end, I got goosebumps!. No wonder you want to be a writer. But, what am I saying? You already are and a very good one!!:)

  7. Nowadays in Spain is hard to find a job, and if we add the political inestability and the crisis, we realize that sometimes it's worth to move to another country, and that is my case.
    I already knew that we'll have to move to another country to find a job and therefore a better life, but what we do not know is where we are going to move, we think that it will be better if we move to an English speaker country due to the fact that I can speak English and this will improve my level of it. We also think to move to a French speaker country but this is because my mom had studied French at school and she speak it fluently.
    My parents feel worried however I feel excited because I'll meet new people and new cultures.
    I think that there are a lot of things that I'll miss from Spain, the weather, the people, the culture, the food, but I hope that the people would be as friendly as in Spain, or maybe friendlyer.
    I really want to move to Australia, the weather is very similar, but I think that the beaches are better than the Spanish's ones, but if I move is to continue studying, to find a job and to have a better life

    Antonio José Rodríguez Barba 2BC

    1. Well done, Antonio!. Pleasantly surprised! :)

  8. I've been living for more than 10 years now and I still remember the first day of school with my new mates and how much I missed my old ones. I como from Guadalajara, so we can call it emigatrion.

    Me and my family emigrated to Malaga for personal reasons. Lately I've been talking with my parents and It seems that we'll be moving again, but this time a bit further. We are moving to Guadalajara, but not the one from Spain but the one from Mexico. The reasons are quite foggy but I guess it's for a better job. I'm quite sad because I'm leaving all of my great friends behind in Malaga, but I know that I'll be in touch with them by social networks.

    All in all, I'm a bit scared of how thing will go but I know that we'll manage there just fine.

  9. Hi, my name is Sergio and I am going to tell my personal experience about immigration. I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and, when I was 6 years old, my family and I moved to Malaga.

    My mother was a policewoman and my father was a valet in a hotel. One day, my mother, fed to the police turning a blind eye and the corruption, she splitted so we had to run away from there not to get murdered and we came to Malaga.

    When we first came here, we had to learn Spanish and that was a very difficult thing because, at the same time, I had to study and attend classes (even if I didn't understand the teachers and the classmates). Besides that, I didn't have any problems with the kids because of my skin colour or the fact that I'm Brazilian but I did have problems with my accents: when I was talking Spanish, there was always somebody who was making fun or insulting but I never paid them attention.

    I lived there my first 7 years so I learnt Portuguese and I remember some things of the place. Sometimes, my family and I miss the place and we watch lots of shows and pictures but it is not the same.

    I really like Malaga because of its food and its people, they're so kind. I really like Spain but I wish I could come back to Brazil but I am afraid of the mafia and all that stuff...

  10. Hello, my name is Álvaro and some months ago my family and me moved to Australia. I was born in Spain and I had spent around 16 years there, but my family have spent most of their life living here in Australia, so they ended up missing their country so bad that they've finally decided to move back again after all these years. We've been having a hard time in Spain because of the lack of work, so that also helped my parents to make up their mind.

    It's been really tough for me, I've never moved to a different country in my life and it's hard to adapt to it at first. Also, I've had to leave behind every single friend and every family member that I've been in touch with. I know I'll really miss Spain: the food, the people, the places, some habits... I'm already thinking about how I'll move back there by myself when I'm old enough and I have the money to do so, but for that I'll need to finish my studies first, and then get a job. Who knows, maybe I'll prefer this over Spain and I'll end up living here for the rest of my life.

    On a positive note, however, I'll finally improve my english a lot more, since I'll be using it every single day. Although I've been in my new school for a short time, I'm already making new friends and people is really charming here. One thing I know is that I'd like people to keep treating me like I've been born here and not having in mind that I'm an immigrant too much. I had expected it to be really hard living here because I didn't know how people would treat me, so that's a relief, for now, at least.

  11. I am Cristian David. I'm going to talk about immigration. I'm Colombian. My mother is Colombian and my father is Spanish. They met because my father went to Colombia to meet my mother. My mother came to Spain. And after a while they had me. There are people who ask me if I am Spanish? Because he says I speak differently. And sometimes I go to Colombia to see my cousins and my family

  12. Hi, I'm Estefania! I have lived in Málaga, Spain for my entire life. It's not like i don't enjoy living in my place of birth, but I would like to experience what It would be living in another country on my own.
    I plan to emigrate to Japan in 2-3 years for studying. Living in that country is my biggest dream! Japanese is a language that I have always wanted to learn, and its culture is something that I have always dreamed to be part of! It wouldn't be possible without my family who always support my decisions. And who knows, maybe It goes better than I thought, and I can stay there for a little bit longer, maybe even living there for the rest of my life.
    That doesn't mean I wouldn't move from there. I have had the oportunity of visiting many more countries and I do not regret having done it, and of course I would like to keep doing that.
    Seeing who life goes and different ways of living it are pretty interesting! And every culture has something to bring us that can influence us positively.

  13. Hello, I am Ruben and I´m going to talk about my immigration experience.

    I was born in Denmark, Copenhague, when I was 3 months, my family and me moved to Fuengirola, because my mother didn't liked Denmark, my mother had several problems to learn the language and that brought her problems with the work, she never finds a work there.

    When we arrived in Spain, my mother found a job and that gives her a stability that she had not had in Denmark. When I was 5 months my mother get divorced from my father and she founds my step-father Ariel.

    When I started living with my mother and Ariel we moved to Torreblanca and from time to time I went to visit my father who taught me in danish (language which I never learned) but I did learn to speak English with him.

    I have gone back to Denmark two or three times but it is a very cold place where I would not stay to live

    Now 16 years later I´ve started to live with my father and im trying to learn danish again.

  14. Nowadays we can find many cases of immigration around the world. Now I'm going to tell you about my experience like immigrant.

    Last year, my family and I had to leave our country because of my mother's job. We was in a bad situation and my mother got a job in England, so we lived in England for six months.

    At the beginning I felt very sad because I wasn't going to see my friends, and furthermore I didn't know anyone from England. However when I began to go to high school, I began to make new friends, they were very sympa and friendly. We was living in London, this place is very beautiful and we take the opportunity to see all monuments like Big Ben, London eye, etc.

    In conclusion it was a great experience and I would like repeat it again, furthermore it help me to learn culture and improve my English.

  15. Be immigrant sometimes is complicated. I'm from Cuba, but 8 years ago I had to move here with my parents for job reasons.
    When the school started I met a lot of new friends, but I felt bad because of the other people that I had left in my country and I couldn't see and even though I follow talking with some of them it isn't the same.
    Also, there were other children who laugh at me because of my accent but I didn't care what they said.
    On the other hand, how to get the Spanish nationality to live here better. Even though I have lived here for many years get the nationality has been very difficult and very expensive too.
    Now, I'm old enough to know how it's the situation about them, and spite of there are very good people there are still others that don't want me here, and other immigrants either because I think that they believe that we are here to steal their jobs or conquer the country, I don't know... but actually most of them are ignorant.
    And spite of that little things, I love that country, and I love living here.