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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


"La Rosaleda" High School started its activity in 1947 as a Union school of Vocational Training. It is said that its original design corresponded to facilities to accommodate a big hospital but once its different storeys and buildings were built they decided to turn it into a school instead. This is the reason why there are so many corridors and it is so spacious. In its first school year, 1947-1948, there were 210 students and the number of them has been increasing over the years. Nowadays, there are around 2.300 students.
Regardless of the political reasons it was built for, the social work that has been carrying out during all these years has allowed young people from very humble families, with very unfavorable economic situations, to study a vocational course or to go to university.
Although, it is well known as a Vocational Training school, within the about 70,000 square meters it owns, it offers most of the existing different educational modalities and also pays special attention to the integration and effective inclusion of all students such as hearing impaired students and some others with special needs, who have been able to integrate satisfactorily in our school community.
At present, we offer a wide range of studies, from Vocational Training courses belonging to the following fields: Tourism, Hospitality, Cookery, Trade , Secretarial studies, Woodwork, Construction Operations and Interior Design, Printing and Graphic Arts, Gardening, Telecommunication, Electronics,  Metal work, Air conditioning and Refrigeration, Welding, Vehicle mechanics and Sport and Physical Activity Animation to Baccalaureate in Humanities, Social Science , Science and Music and Art . We also have a Bilingual program in Baccalaureate and in a VTC in Catering services, online studies and upper secondary education for adults.
Bearing in mind this diverse and varied environment it is essential for us to work on cross-curricular topics and values which are so important for the integral development of our students regardless of what they are studying. In this context, the current project on cultural identity with our bilingual high school students is particularly relevant since the whole school community :  teachers, parents and students can benefit from the projects results and its dissemination.
Our school is open to the community; our facilities are used by Málaga football club and even by football children's teams that carry out extracurricular activities. Our classrooms are shared with students from the Residence adjacent to our school and thanks to a Higher Vocational Training course in Catering Management, we also have a large and spacious restaurant, open to all those who want to taste a quality menu at a good price, where our student do their training under the supervision and support of their teachers. Each year, too, “Open doors Days” are held in order to show our school to our visitors. Students’ works are displayed and activities and methodology are also explained to them.

Our school deals with cross-curricular topics whose contents are integrated in the different subjects of the different courses. The objectives that we want to seek is education for peace in order to instill in our students respect for societies and cultures different from their own ones,  multiculturalism, respect for human rights, social cohesion, gender equality, responsible consumption, cooperation and solidarity among people as well as the acquisition of values that promote respect for others and sustainable development.  


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