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Monday, February 25, 2019

Las Puertas Abiertas - Stand Bilingual Training ("UniDiversity") y Erasmus

"Welcome to La Rosaleda High School !!"


This week from wednesday 20th to thursday 21st was the Opening Day of your High School.

With Jenny, Ana, Salvador and some of you, we ran a stand to talk about Erasmus and the Bilingual Training.

The perfect opportunity to talk about "UniDiversity Project" !

• What is it ?

UniDiversity is a project about cultural identity and has to do with those characteristics that define us and make us belong to a group of people, community and country.

• Who is participating ?

International European School - Warsaw (Poland) 
Liceul Teoretic German Johann Ettinger school - Satu Mare (Romania)
IES La Rosaleda - Malaga (Spain)


• What is the objectives of this project ?

Through this project, the participants will work on different issues such as language, family, religion, education, gastronomy, politics, climate, customs, lifestyle, music, art, etc.
All of this is organized into five main topics for study and research:

- Role of women and men
- Prejudices and stereotypes
- Globalization
- Festivals and traditions
- Education systems and citizen participation

The role of women and men topic, will be study in march when International European School and Liceul Teoretic German Johann Ettinger school will come to Malaga to meet you, discover your culture and your great city.  

The main aim is to find out similarities and differences among the countries involved in the project and reflect on it since we think that by searching  for our own identity and getting to know the others better we can become more tolerant, generous, understanding and accept and value the different cultures as a vehicle of enrichment based on mutual respect.  

Learning from ourself and from the others can be an important way of social integration to build a better world. 

Jenny, Salvador and I, couldn't agree more about this last sentence because this is the perfect definition of an Erasmus experience !  

During the last two days, all together we talked about the many opportunities which exist thanks to Erasmus. Not only you can go abroad to study but you can also do an EVS and work directly in varied organisations to gain profesional experience (as Jenny and I are doing here in your High School this year). 

Besides, this amazing adventure is the best way to: discover new cultures, improve your foreign languages skills, learn more about yourself and become more open minded.

So what are you waiting for ??  


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