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Friday, January 19, 2018

Students questionnaire for families

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Christmas by Haydn and José

(By Haydon Cannon and José Luque)

Christmas emails

 Here you are some emails that Spanish students wrote to their European partners:

"Dear Soleil,
      I am Lidia Ferrer Pérez and I am going to tell you how I spend my Christmas here in Spain.

As I am a student and my vacation begins on December 22nd.

In my city, Málaga, on 24th November the whole city is already decorated, and even before, but that day, in the main street, Marqués de Larios, there is a show of lights to which many people go to visit. I love to see it, and every time I can, I go there to see it.

Then, on 24th December  it  is Christmas Eve, that day my family and I will meet at my grandparents' house and we will all have dinner. Next day, December 25th we will be again spending the day together celebrating Christmas Day.

Here in Spain, Santa Claus comes on the night of December 24th, but my family and I never celebrate it.

On 31st December we celebrate the New Year´s Eve, a night in which I will also meet my family for dinner together, celebrating the end of the year and the new beginning of another one. On that night it is very important to have the twelve grapes, one grape per second in the last twelve seconds before it is twelve o´clock.

The next day, after having spent the whole night with my family, I will be with them again and we will spend the day together.

To finish with, we have 5th and 6th January. On Epiphany Eve, The Three Wise Men come to bring us some gifts so that, when we wake up the next day, January 6th, we can open them. Epiphany day is a celebration that is held here in Spain; the three kings are Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar.The day before, we can visit some parades where there are floats with the kings throwing sweets to all children and people who come.
Love      ".

"Hi Phimphisa!

My name is Poli, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Spain but my parents are from Bulgaria. I’m going to tell you about what I do at Christmas in Málaga. On Christmas eve I’m going to be just with my parents, because all my family live in Bulgaria,  in the last years I have been to Bulgaria but this year I won’t.

I really like to put up Christmas tree and decorate the house but I don’t like to take down the decorations and the Christmas tree. On Christmas day, 25th December I open the presents from Father Christmas.

In the center of Málaga, in  Larios street, the hall town put a lot of Christmas lights and at 9 pm it starts music and the lights going on and off at the same time of the music. It’s like New York on Christmas, the lights have the same form and do the same but with different music and the shapes and pictures of the lights are different too. It’s wonderful! you have to see it.

On the New Year’s eve I have dinner with my parents and later I go out with my friends to a party.

On 5th of January in Spain we celebrate Epiphany eve. In the morning of 6th January the children open the presents and are very happy.

I’m attaching you a link where you can see videos of the lights in Larios street.

Well, what about your Christmas? I would like to know about Christmas in Poland.

Love "

   (By Poli Todoroba)

Monday, January 15, 2018

My Christmas as a child and now.

Christmas in Spain

 -Nativity scene:
 -Christmas tree:
 -Plaza del sol in Madrid:
 -The one with the grapes:
 -The Three Wise Men:
 -The king cake:
 -The others pictures are taken by me.

I couldn't find a link for the background music, but I've searched in the app that I've used and it says that although the music has copyright there is no problem if we don't use it for commercial use: