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Friday, February 22, 2019


1.  Woman

A strong woman isn’t scared,
But a woman of strength shows how brave she is in the middle of her fear.

A strong woman won’t let anyone get he’s best,
But a woman of strength gives the best of what she has.

A strong woman just looks confident,
While a woman of strength wears greatness.

A strong woman hopes that she will be strong in off for her life journey,
But a woman of strength has faith that her journey will make her stronger.

The world needs more women of strength, so they help us all bring happiness to this dangerous world.

2.  Women

Women with large mouths, red and savage ready to spill their venom on any adventurer who dares to dear to question their superiority, with their hair dipping like coils of tar and their eyes shining brighter than any star floating in the last vast, cold universe. Holding the planets and the sun on their shoulders.

3.  Women

It doesn’t matter how they dress, how they live, where or when, they always fight for good, no matter what evil ahead they make feel safe like at home, no matter how life goes, they never abandon the ones they love, even when the situation is hard, they believe in children, support the men, sounds like some enchanted fairy?
Well, that all describes WOMEN.


4.  Woman who travelled through time

Emily was a curious young woman who loved to learn about the past. She was especially interested in people‘s rights and life when her grandparents were young. One day she was walking in the town and saw that there was a new time machine built and they were looking for a person to be the first one to try it. Emily stopped for a moment and thought about going in and volunteering.
While she was thinking about it, the inventor came up to her and asked if she was interested. The woman doubted for a little but then said to herself, ‘What can I lose? I want to see the past, I want to discover and study women’s rights a 100 years ago. This is the best way to do it!’
The creator of the time machine was still standing and curiously looking at Emily. She slowly inhaled, looked at him and said, ‘Let’s do this!’ and came into the building. A few years later she became the first person and the first woman to travel through time.

5.  A war for rights

The scale is slant
Another night passes by
In the crowd’s loud chant
That screams for equality, happiness and jollity

Step back, wait, don’t move
Listen to your man
You are too weak, you need his approve
Don’t let your spirit be venturous
It is dangerous, they say

The fight has begun,
Yet it’s an endless path,
Tiring and abstruse,
For a greater good,
To end the abuse

The victory is near,
The promising light can be seen,
Pays back to the musketeer
‘equality’, is near

6.  Woman

To all us men, women are one of the most complex, yet beautiful and graceful creatures that have ever walked on the Earth’s surface and breathed its atmosphere. We believe every single one of us has their second half. They’re the key to their understanding. This was the case with Romeo and Juliet.
They met during the summer, neither of them believed in love at first sight, but there it was, a perfect example when they laid their eyes on one another. They spent the entire holidays together talking, laughing and enjoying life by finally finding their second half. As the holidays ended, they didn’t know what was going to happen.
All we can say, women change the way we look at our world and run our lives. Romeo knew that if they were gone, we would be pointless, filled with anger and lost, mislead by love.

7.  She

In the morning, she goes to work, afraid that she’ll be objectified by her boss. She needs to wear a long skirt because that’s the only appropriate option. If she'd wear a mini it'd seem as it, she had no self-respect. She’s got to have high heels to appeal to the client. She has to stay at home with the kids, she is a mum after all. She can’t wear makeup, as she’ll look fake and plastic. She can’t have the same wage as her male acquaintances, nor will she get the same job opportunities as them.
You may ask why,
the answer’s simple…
-She’s a woman 

*Referring to a woman from a sexist society.

8.  Woman

She danced in her vacant loft barefoot, with an empty mind, with no worries weighing down on her soul. She imminently came undone, untangling and accepting all her inadequacies and shortcomings after years of dissembling her true colors.

She let her gradually graying hair with credence, empowering her Windsor and confrontations with the world.
She trusted that her inner beauty wounds outweighs her evolving age. Her skin despite losing  its rosiness and glow, the wrinkles following the curves of her features defined her femininity .
Her hands which, were bruised and blue emphasized her diligence and strong capabilities.
In that moment, she realized those were not her flaws but rather what elucidated her true beauty.

9.  Waman

If you cross the rapid river and Nike through the vivid green mills, you will reach a place of peace. It’s a little meadow surrounded by tall oak trees. 

You can hear the dripping birds and the busy bees; the tall wild grass and the even wilder flowers conceal some secrets that shouldn’t be uncovered. It’s a tiny dark den. And in it? The last woman.

A savage beast with moss growing out of its koans and back. It’s the size of an adult bison and has the strength a nectar and fallen leaves.

10. Like a girl

“Run like a girl”, they said. So, I did.
Feeling the wind ruffle my hair, I ran.
From one leg to the other, delicately, carefully, without effort.
Gain everyone’s attention, look rather perfect.
“Why?” they said. “What does run like a girl mean to you?”
I locked myself in silence. Sat down in a corner. Thought about all these strong, powerful women who fought for their rights, for equality.
Therefore, why didn’t I run as fast as I could, the best I could?

Our society has created this phrase “like a girl”.
When did something “like a girl” become an insult?
Why doesn’t it mean “win the race” in our heads?

11. Woman for women

Sometimes when I’m thinking about women, I think about women's rights. Are they equal to man’s rights?
Now think they’re close to be, but they were not good (well still they’re not perfect). We have many ‘superheroes’. Mine is Malala Yousafazi. She made women’s lives better especially education. She really did so she is the youngest teenager that got Nobel peace prize. She was shot in the head because of her activism, but she survived.
Now every woman knows who is she and people know that because of her women can be whoever they want to be, even a president. A few years ago, that could be unthinkable.

12. A woman’s story

It was a sunny morning, the sky was blue and I was peacefully cleaning as I usually was every Monday. My husband had gone off to work and my children to school.
I turned on the telly and the news was on. There was a woman on the news, a female politician on the news. Her name was Hannah Smith. She inspired me.
The next couple of weeks I became more like my husband. I became more involved with politics. I even signed up to go to college and got accepted. It felt like such an achievement.
Since that morning my entire life has changed. I am now in university and I’m aiming to change women rights all around the world.

13. To women
Women are great,
Women are grand,
Women are so cool
I want to create a women dedicated bond
Women work hard
To make us happy everyday,
They have a warm heart
No matter what you say.
What would we do without women,
We would be in so much trouble
Without business women, congresswomen,
Our troubles would double
I’m very grateful
For the women in my life,
Because without them
It would be impossible to survive
To all the ladies, sisters, mothers,
Please don't leave
Because we can’t have any others.
No matter if I’m home or out
Women are always there for me
Without a doubt.


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